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Manufacturing to Global Quality Standards Cephalosporins Swiss Pharma manufacturing plant in Karachi is a modern facility which fully complies with the accepted global manufacturing standards. The plant includes a dedicated Cephalosporin cGMP compliant facility. The entire plant is designed and operated using the latest manufacturing and quality control technology and is backed by highly skilled professional staff and techniques fully trained to deliver products to cGMP standards.

Current Manufacturing Facility:

Oral Tablet Dosage forms

Oral Capsule Dosage forms

Oral Powder for Suspension Dosage forms

Oral Liquid Dosage forms

Injectable Dosage forms

Cephalosporin Capsule Dosage forms

Cephalosporin Powder for Suspension

Cephalosporin Powder Parental Dosage forms

Dermal Creams, Ointments and Gels


Swiss Pharma has quality assurance systems which stringently adhere to cGMP compliance. Each step in the manufacturing, documentation, testing, validation of facility, equipment, process and method reviewed and controlled by the highly vigilant qualified Quality Assurance staff.

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The quality control department is fully equipped with modern instrument like HPLC, FTIR, Spectrophotometer, Stability Chambers, Dissolution test apparatus, Karl Fisher apparatus, viscometer, Polarimeter, analytical Balance, Refractometer and along with other instrument. Complete testing of raw materials, finished products and packing materials is carried out by qualified team.

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The Microbiology department is fully equipped with separate Sterility test room for sterility test of injectable products. The sterility test room is equipped with dedicated HVAC system and Laminar flow cabinet. Microbiology laboratory also equipped with separate media preparation room with laminar flow cabinet, Air particulate counter, colony counter incubators and other instruments.

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The ware house is equipped with HVAC system temperature controlled separate areas of Quarantine, Sampling, dispensing, Raw material, Finished Goods and packaging materials.

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